Marvelling Roots


Marvelling roots work with children with developmental delay or disability in rural areas of Sohra region in the southern part of Meghalaya. We aim at identifying and provide early intervention service right from an early childhood. Family support, love and acceptance is going hand in hand for positive change in children, therefore we are working closely with the parent to bring out the best in these children. We thrive toward inclusion where children should not be institutionalised for their disability, but enjoy their life with family and their community throughout their childhood and continue their education in the nearby schools.


We work through identification and early intervention programme to support children up to six years old who are at risk of developmental delay and also to those children who is presently suffering from developmental delay. Therapy and play will be provided though our inclusive kindergarten. The inclusive kindergarten shall be the initial stage for children to prepare themselves to enrol into a mainstream school and have a positive impact in a lifelong learning process of a child. We ensure and enhance children’s personal development and resilience, strengthen family competencies, and promote the social inclusion of families and children with their surrounding environment, through which a child will get assistance and support to access the mainstream society without any barriers.

An integrated society where people with disabilities live with dignity, equality, live their life as they choose with full access and participation and enjoy their right to the fullest.

Children with disabilities have equal opportunity in the society. Schools and Socialization will be inclusive in the arena build by Marvelling Roots.

Identification moving towards intervention and creating champions out of the ordinary in the society full of barriers. Taking into consideration of the 5 elements Health, Livelihood, Socialization, Empowerment and Education.

“Remove Barriers open Doors, Opportunities before Disabilities”


Marvelling roots is named after a living roots bridge formed from rubber fig tree. It is popular around the War community in the southern tropical rain forest of Meghalaya. People living in these forests are involved in forest crops cultivation. To access their cultivations and other surrounding villages, they have to cross rivers that are impossible to navigate during the monsoon season. Therefore, the people creatively form these eco-friendly bridges by re-directing the strong pliable roots of the trees using bamboo structures. Children resemble these roots, given the chance to creatively develop; they will grow in self-reliance like the fig tree bridge. Parents’ guardian roles are important in children’s future which is the guiding line for these children. Thus marvelling roots seeks to be a guiding hand through therapy intervention, early childhood kindergarten, adventure learning and exchanging social support activities.