Marvelling roots is named after a living roots bridge formed from rubber fig tree. It is popular around the War community in the southern tropical rain forest of Meghalaya. People living in these forests are involved in forest crops cultivation. To access their cultivations and other surrounding villages, they have to cross rivers that are impossible to navigate during the monsoon season. Therefore, the people creatively form these eco-friendly bridges by re-directing the strong pliable roots of the trees using bamboo structures. Children resemble these roots, given the chance to creatively develop; they will grow in self-reliance like the fig tree bridge. Parents’guardian roles are important in children’s future which is the guiding line for these children. Thus marvelling roots seeks to be a guiding hand through therapy intervention, early childhood kindergarten, adventure learning and exchanging social support activities.

Kerlinda War

Founder/Chairperson, Marvelling Roots